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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

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What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture restores health by removing energy imbalances and blockages in the body.  Practitioners of TCM believe that there is a vital force or energy called qi (pronounced “chee”) that flows through the body and between the skin surface and the internal organs, along channels or pathways called meridians. There are 12 major and eight minor meridians. Qi regulates the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical harmony of the body by keeping the forces of yin and yang in balance. Yang is a principle of heat, activity, brightness, outwardness, while yin represents coldness, passivity, darkness, interiority, etc. TCM does not try to eliminate either yin or yang, but rather keep them in harmonious balance. Acupuncture may be used to raise or lower the level of yin or yang in a specific part of the body in order to restore the energy balance.

Points along meridians are specifically chosen for their individual function based on each patients needs. Many patients feel nothing at all during this procedure, while others experience a prickling or aching sensation and still others a feeling of warmth or heaviness.

What is the difference between community acupuncture and private acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture is delivered in a large room  with additional patients relaxing and receiving care.  The room stays comfortable, quiet, with relaxing music playing in the background.  Patients do receive a moderate amount of time with their clinicians, with longer time to relax after in recliners while receiving needles.  Rates for Community Acupuncture are very inexpensive, and can be found here.

Private Acupuncture is delivered in a single room, on a table, with relaxing music playing.  Patients receive an extended amount of time with their clinicians and are able to relax in private space while lying down.  Rates for private acupuncture are more expensive than community acupuncture and can be found here.

How often should I receive acupuncture?

It depends on your condition. Some conditions require that you come for weekly treatments. In some cases, such as if the condition is acute and painful, you may require treatments 2-3 times per week for the first couple of weeks. The benefits of acupuncture treatments tend to hold longer as you progress in your treatments. So, your need for acupuncture will decrease with time. Once you are fully recovered from an acute or chronic condition, our recommendation is to utilize acupuncture a minimum of one time per month for prevention and wellness purposes.

What are the benefits? When people think of acupuncture they usually think of its effectiveness in treating pain. However, acupuncture provides more than pain relief. It is helpful in treating a number of other ailments, such as:

* Anxiety

* Depression

* Irritable Bowel Syndrome

* Insomnia

* Menstrual & PMS Problems

* Headaches & Migraines

* Stress Related Disorders

* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

* Addiction

* Sinus Problems

* Obesity & Weight Control

* Arthritis

* Infertility